We invest in talented people with global ambitions

We mainly invest in companies with a proven and scalable business model that are looking to grow their business internationally

Idékapital looks for technological innovations that generate sustainable economic value and impact.

No Isolation
No Isolation - AV1 (photo: Estera Kluczenko)

Our investment criteria include

Business to business model

Software or software enabled products and solutions

Proven and scalable business model

Global potential and ambitions within defendable niche

Dedicated teams with relevant or expertise background

How We Do It

Fast-growing software companies face a variety of challenges and opportunities.

A successful market penetration is dependent on a patient and strategic partner to help them transform from a potential star into market leader.

In our role as a steady and strategic co-pilot, we help our portfolio companies manage and accelerate their growth by assessing opportunities, avoiding risks, and preparing to scale their business models alongside providing the necessary capital.

A member of the team will sit on the Board in all portfolio companies and actively support and advice the entrepreneurs and management in order for them to achieve their targets.